Saturday, July 2, 2016

A 'Septic Saga' Update!

Do you know what this is, dear Reader? This is PROGRESS!! That's right! As of this afternoon, the contractor was out here spray-painting the outline of our new drainfield-to-be, and depositing equipment!  Hurray and Hallelujah!

We are excited that our septic saga is drawing to a close. It has been filled with frustration and stress, but we have also seen gracious friends and our most gracious Lord provide for us:

*We have had countless prayer warriors hitting their knees for us, as well as taking the time to encourage us.

*We have been showering at an RV Park due to the ingenuity of a friend and the kindness of the park owner.

*We have been toggling between the two friends' homes for washing our clothes (we can dry at home) to minimize trips to the pricey laundromat.

*And most importantly, we are still here!  In spite of the overwhelming numbers and unrealistic deadlines being thrown at us, we are still here!  We haven't settled all legal matters yet, so I can't give exact details, but I will say that the Lord has worked many miracles on our undeserving behalf, and we are most grateful!

Thank you for any positive part that you may have played in this, whether you are a tangible contributor, or you have blessed us with loving thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. We are most grateful and will post our testimony of God's provision when we are officially done with paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Hillary At Home

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Belated Tribute to Resilient Mothers

This is just a quick little post; something I have been wanting to say since Mothers' Day, but have not had the time to mentally articulate and write it down until today. So, here it is, 2+ weeks late:

I want to tip my proverbial hat to all mothers, and ESPECIALLY those who I know that have had to fight to be mothers. The enemies in this battle are varied and fierce, but these women have overcome with their families and faith, not just in tact, but strengthened.
For some, the adversary has been infertility and/or infant loss, others long adoption processes. I have known those that almost lost their babes due to unjust custody battles, and some fighting debilitating or terminal illness to physically be mothers. I cannot tag these women in this post for their own privacy and integrity, but I truly salute you from the bottom of my grateful heart. I sincerely want you to know that you inspire and remind me to never take one day of this beautiful parenting journey for granted. 
And to ALL mothers, soldier on! Stay diligent, stay focused, and love your babies! :)

Hillary At Home

Monday, January 4, 2016

Lessons From My Forced Sabbath: My Children Are My _!

As I was beginning to realize that a Forced Sabbath was imminent, I was feeling so guilty about stopping many of my children's favorite activities. I mentally wrestled with it, and tried to negotiate fuzzy math like a political candidate, but to no avail. I was far from accepting it gracefully as a time of rest. Then there was the day I providentially met my friend in a parking lot as I was dropping off my son for one of those aforementioned activities.

We were chatting about kids and 'Mom' stuff, and before I knew it, I was completely offloading all of my baggage regarding this approaching season. She patiently listened, and then began to share with me about her own forced sabbath that she had experienced last summer. A temporary move to another town with her husband's summer job, left her and her children in a new community without much connection. In the midst of sickness, loneliness, and frustration, she was still able to enjoy the amazing creation around her, and to refocus her priorities. Then she said these words, "I began to realize that my children had become my interruption instead of my ministry."  
Do you see it? I bet you do. I bet you fully understand why I could now embrace my season of rest, and even anticipate it! For she was spot on; my children had become my interruption! Whether it was just wanting to chat with me or show me something, or even need help with school, they were an interruption that was interfering with my chock-full agenda. They were not my ministry at all! In the midst of cooking, cleaning, chauffering, blogging, decorating, Facebooking, serving, etc. they had become my interruption, an annoyance. 
Oh. My. (deep breath)


Now fast forward from that fateful meeting over a month ago, to yesterday. I was blessed to see a dear friend and mentor that I do not often see. But every time I get to be in her presence, I treasure it. She encourages me and warms my spirit. There is such wisdom and godliness that just flows out of her mouth. (Background: She was a Missionary while simultaneously being a single mother! Her daughter is now faithfully serving in the mission field, and when I watch the pair of them interract, I am inspired. She is truly an incredible woman.)

During the course of our chat yesterday, I mentioned how times are tight for us right now, but that we feel led that I am still to stay home with my children. She looked at me with those beautiful Momma-eyes and said, "Hillary, you will not regret this time of pouring into your kids. They are the only thing on this earth that you can take to Heaven with you."  

Did you stop and read that again? Seriously,do it. Read it again. Soak it in. 

 Have you ever thought on that before?!
I have been pondering it for the past 24 hours and every time I think of it, I get chills in my soul. THAT is my goal, my ultimate goal for my children! That they, too, will know of the Lord's salvation, peace, hope, joy, and love, and ultimately end their earthly lives with a passage into His eternal kingdom.
So as I look at the blank in the title above, I ask myself, "Are my children my interruption, or are they my fellow sojourners on this path to Heaven?" If I fill that blank with anything but the latter, I am doing it all wrong. 

Mommas, let's not get this one wrong.

Hillary At Home