Wildwood Cottage 'Before' Tour-March 2015

After some years of dreaming and planning for our little hobby farm, we have finally found it!

Wildwood Cottage is our new family home on one little acre in Southeast Alaska. The house itself is 1100 square feet and only 3 bedroom/1 bath! However, there is an adjacent workshop for my Hubby to operate his business out of, a woodshop for all of my DIY endeavors, a boat shed (like a giant carport) to hold all of our treasures as I continue to sort through them due to the loss of 500 square feet, a 2 bay carport that we plan to turn into animal housing, and finally 2 firewood cradles that are basically unfinished sheds.

The garden and yard are a mess of random beds, wild bushes, weeds, and muskeg plants that smell like skunks and roses. :/ Everywhere I look, I see no shortage of projects to tackle inside and out. I LOVE IT!

Come on a photo tour with me from back in March. It will only take a minute!

The Carport & Attached 

Woodshop, Greenhouse

Future home for goats and hens?

The Cottage In It's Multi-Hued,Multi-Sided Glory

Garden Fixtures

Cool Old Radiator!

Random beds, shrubs, sawhorses, and rock walls

Boat Shed (Top)  and Business Shop (Bottom)

 Inside-Mudroom (Also My Office)

Living Room

Looking towards kitchen

Looking back towards mudroom and front door

Effel Stove-Gravity Fed Oil Stove

Ktichen And Pantry

Dining Nook And Groovy 60's Ceiling Fan

Open Shelving Complete With Melamine Drawers

Original Siegler Oil Stove (Non-Working) next to mini stove/oven

 More of that Shelving

 Paneling and Built-in in the pantry that are just screaming for some white paint!

The Bathroom and Laundry Room

Yes, this is a most-terrible picture, but I just had to show you that creative light fixture...

Pink tub

Pink Sink

 There are 5, yes 5 paint colors in this bathroom! Here is 1 and 2...

...The cream on the right is paint #3...

                            The back of the door is #4, and the off-white behind the mirror is #5!

The Bedrooms

                                Our Boudoir. That 40 year old carpet had to go before I would
                                                   even bring my bedding in!

The Master which will actually be our girls' room
The boys' room! It's actually the only room I will not be painting! 

And that's all folks! I told ya it would be a quick tour! ;)

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