Sunday, September 5, 2010

Homestead Experiment #10-Homemade Coffee Creamer in a Pinch

I have to limit my coffee intake since I found it was a huge trigger for my irritability and temper. I usually stick to tea, and only one cup of black tea at the most! But every now and then I have a craving for a cozy, tasty cup of coffee laden with Creme Brulee liquid creamer. It's so good, but not only is it totally full of fat and sugar (and all those 'un-pronouncables'), it's pretty pricey. Up here in Juneau it's around $4 for the large bottle (is it a quart? I don't remember.). I didn't want to go buy a big quantity considering it would tempt me to drink coffee all the time, but every now and then I ponder buying some- partnered with decaf joe just for the comforting taste...

Well yesterday morning was one of those mornings that follow a fairly sleepless night. I was exhausted and had scheduled to move furniture with my Hubby for the better part of the day. I groaned to Brent that I really wanted some coffee.

"Go ahead, I made some," he says.
"But I don't have any creamer," I whine.
"Why don't you see if there's a recipe online and just make some?"
Oh yeah. Novel thought. For a moment I was almost ashamed he had to tell me to try to find a scratch recipe. I must be getting soft. What's even more pitiful is that I was actually at the computer when he said that.

Anyway, I quickly glanced through various recipes and, while there were some variations as to flavorings, they all seemed to consist of 2 basic ingredients:

1 can sweetened condensed milk (YES! I had one on hand!)

1 can full of regular milk

Some recipes added in powdered milk for extra creaminess, but I just stuck with the basics for my first run. In order to make it taste more like the creme brulee version, I added 2 Tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract and 3 Tbsp Brown Sugar. Yeah, like I said before, "sugar and fat". Mmmmm.

So, I just added the milk into a sealed jar and stirred with a little whisk until smooth. That's it!
Now for the taste test! It was really good! Hooray!! Now, it wasn't quite as sweet as the store-bought, but I could always add more brown sugar if I wanted. I actually liked it a little more mild though, and subsequently since yesterday morning have also successfully tried it in my chai tea and english breakfast tea. Now I'm off to look for a glass container with a pouring spout to store it in for easier use.

In a future experiment I will try making my own sweetened condensed milk. I've actually been meaning to do that for years. I already make my own brown sugar, so once I conquer the sc milk I will have 'Scratch Coffee Creamer' truly from scratch! So cool!


  1. so do you have a recipe for frappachinos? (sp)

  2. Here is a site you might want to check for recipes if you don't already have it. It will take you to the Frappuccinos but you can search out from there!

  3. Home "Economics" in action! I love it Hillary! Great work!

  4. Yay! I'm so trying this. Maybe I'll even blog it and tell my few readers where I got it. From my awesome Aunt Hillary's blog! :P Thanks for sharing, Hillary! :)


  5. Beckie hill country galOctober 29, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    Try with a splash of orange extract in it. Yummy!

  6. make your own sweetened condensed milk as well :)

  7. I did try that once, and I didn't get the consistency I liked with the commercial version. However, now that we are officially a dairy free household, I do not get to partake in creamer nor s.c. milk. (sigh)