Monday, June 12, 2017

My Attempt at Chalk Painted Upholstery

So, I haven't blogged in awhile, and this is a quick-before-the-kids-awake type of post in response to my Facebook and Instagram photos of this experiment. This is mainly a listing of links for someone else wanting to try it.

First, the chairs:

 They wre both the red, hotel looking fabric on the left. The chair on the right is waiting for a coat of wax.

Then the finished product:

And I really like how you can see the texture of the fabric through the paint so that it looks like embossing or damask.


Many of the posts online say to wet fabric first, and sand between coats. I did not remember any of that in my spontaneous inspiration, and just mixed up my paint and slapped it on. If I had remembered to do those things, it sounds like my chairs would be softer. I am reading that people liken the texture to outdoor canvas, whereas mine is more like soft leather.

Would I do a big piece, like a sofa, with this? Um, maybe, but I would probably be much more orderly about it!

And I read somewhere that for the best chance of success, use a paint with a similar tint. So in this case, I had actually picked a brown with a slight reddish undertone to go over my red chairs. Other pictures online have more stark contrasts in their before and afters, but this bit of advice made sense to me.

One tutorial:

Another tutorial:

My go-to chalk paint recipe:
I buy the carton of Plaster from the orange box store for about $10, and it lasts a loooong time. I then buy the sample sizes of Behr flat paint mixed. One of those will easily cover a large dresser when mixed with the plaster. But in this case, it took just over 2 of those sample sizes because the fabric absorbed more of the paint versus wood. However, if I had wet the fabric first, that may not have happened as much....Oh well, live and learn, right?

Happy Painting!
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