Friday, January 7, 2011

Homestead Musing: A Year of 'Stuff'

New Year's-Too much stuff! I need to organize my stuff!
Valentines' Day-If he/she really loves me, they'll get me some stuff.
Spring-I need to spring clean my stuff.
Summer-We need stuff to play outside.
July-Do I have any red, white, and blue stuff?
September-The school year has started. Who has time to clean stuff?
November-Lord, we thank you for this stuff.
December-I love to buy and make stuff!
January-Too much stuff! I need to organize my stuff...

I thought of this while putting away the last of our Christmas decorations this morning. Now that Epiphany is over, I've been released by my brood to take down the lingering creche and wreaths.  As I was hard at work, I was gladdened by the clear spaces that were now open and airy. Then I laughed at myself when I thought about how delighted I was a mere month ago to clutter those very spaces with festive, glittery 'stuff'.  So, as you can see, I didn't write my little ode to be a condescension from some censtible pulpit. Rather, I wrote it about myself (and yes our society) as a reflection on our love for change, as well as our internal drive against monotony.

I think this is definitely one of those attributes that can be found in our heavenly Father God as well. After all we are made in His image, aren't we?  While He obviously isn't focused on changing out His throne or celestial decor, He is the very author of creativity and variety. I just think about the different plants, animals, and bugs that I've lived around during our various tours in the Coast Guard-and that doesn't even include leaving our continent!  Not only is our God the King of Kings, He is the Artist of Artists, and I am so glad that He has allowed me to be a part of the great tapestry of time that He is weaving.

Now to finish packing away that stuff...

Blessings to you and your homestead,
Hillary At Home

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  1. GREAT POST! I completely concur with your reflections!