Friday, May 6, 2011

Homestead Musng-An Alternative View to Mothers' Day

This Mothers' Day, I want to challenge you.  Most of us view Mothers' day in our minds with sort of a pinkish-tinged haze.  It's springtime. It's feminine, It's about birth and life and love.  Aw, what's not to love??  Well, if you're a woman who's plagued by infertility or whose "womb is barren"  to put it biblically, it can be the hardest day of the year to suffer through.  All of those precious church services that affirm Mothers and encourage them in this noble calling, can be flat-out painful for a woman who's deepest longing is to live that life.  Can you tell I'm talking from first-hand experience here?   Thankfully the Lord did answer my prayers in His timing, but those 7 years of waiting were full of 7 excruciating Mothers' Days!

So, this Mother's Day, if you are a Mother, pray or reach out to someone that you know is suffering with an unfulfilled desire to be a Mother.  Be considerate and gracious of their feelings.

If you are that person whose heart is breaking while waiting for a child, go out of your way to rise above yourself and exhort others through the supernatural strength of God's Holy Spirit living in you.  Lavish your attention on the matronly figures in your life. Pray for the motherless children around the world who long for a woman to honor all year long.  Pray and/or reach out to the mothers who have lost their children.  May these actions serve as a reminder that you are not the only one hurting today, and to help you to keep your eyes on Jesus rather than your own self.

Blessings to ALL of the Lord's Daughters this weekend. Regardless of your child-rearing status, you are a precious princess of the King of Kings!
Hillary At Home


  1. Thank you soo much. I am in my 40's and trying again so we'll see...Thank you also for reminding me to reach out to other Mothers suffering right now in much more trying cirmstances! God bless you and all Sisters in Christ!

  2. this was so timely. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Hillary. I never had thought about Mothers Day in that way. I accept the challange. I'll be praying.

  4. May, I will be praying for you, so please keep me posted. It's good to remember that age is not a factor in God's eyes! :)
    Blessings to you,