Monday, June 20, 2011

Homestead Victory: Our Chickens Are Outta The House!

It's over and done with! Hallelujah! The coop, screened-in enclosure, and outer fence are finished! We have learned a lot and created some engineering methods that are, um, less than kosher. For example, my husband is convinced that we need to patent our 'chicken wire ball hole filler' for those hard to reach corners where you want to keep weasels at bay. And there is also the 'double folding nail fence fastener' where you hammer 2" of a 2 1/2" nail into the fence post and then hammer-fold the remaining nail over the fence wire. Do this with another nail in the opposing direction, and voila! You have a fence fastener that would make Jeff Foxworthy proud!

So, yes, here are even more picks of chickens and the coop. I promise that there will be a nice long break before I post more-unless we have any unwanted visitors, that is.

Blessings to you and your homestead,

Hillary At Home

All fenced in and ready for some hens!

We reinforced the outer fence and made a complete enclosure around the coop. Stay out bears!!

The door for little people

Our Super Duper Coop!

Linus and Sally (the white brahmas up front), Peppermint Patty (the red on the left), Marcy (the buff orpington in the middle), Lucy (the barred rock striped on the right), and Charli (the golden laced wyandotte on the top/back).

Watching the chickie antics

They're checking out their new digs

Anybody home??

This one is Linus. She's a 'light brahma'. See her feathered feet? They are such sweet tempered birds; our definite favorite breed so far :)

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