Friday, September 23, 2011

Homestead Excitement-We've Got Eggs!!

My hubby happened to be looking out of the window this evening, and saw our chicken, Charlie, walking around "all fluffed up and crowing" (quoting Farmer Brent here). Then she stopped, the others started running around and acting "crazy", and when Charlie moved again, there was an egg on the grass!  Woo Hoo! Then after supper, our daughters were convinced they needed to go on an egg hunt to be sure we hadn't missed any from the others. Sure enough, they opened the nesting box, and Charlie was sitting there fat and sassy. When they shooed her back into the coop, there was another little pinky-brown egg left behind!  Of course they were thrilled and shrieking at me as if they had found gold.  Ah, the joys of the simple life.

I pray you have a wonderful weekend full of great surprises and happy shrieks!
Hillary At Home


  1. Is always kids love looking for eggs.

  2. Hooray for eggs, I can't wait to have a house where I can have chickens!!!