Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homestead Holiday Tip: One Way To Prepare For The Upcoming Season

I am not sure about your family, but if it's anything like mine, we are usually blessed with an over-abundance of food during the holidays.  Between all the yummy baked treats, feast ingredients, and good prices on hams and turkeys, our two mini chest freezers are generally packed to the hilt. This makes it nearly impossible to cook ahead for any get-togethers, or stock up as much I'd like on the low priced meats.  I know it's a wonderful problem to have, but it's still an inconvenience in the midst of such a busy time. (Thankfully we live in pretty frigid territory, so an ice chest on the back deck makes a convenient stop-gap solution, but when the cold snap ends, so does that remedy!)

As I was making out my September menu last Wednesday, I realized that NOW is the time to address this squished situation. September/October is the time to be purposeful about eating down the contents of the freezers.  I need to resist the urge for last minute menu changes so that we free up space in the meat freezer. I need to whittle down the supply of frozen milk and bread products that are big space hogs in the 'miscellaneous' freezer.  By doing this, I should be ready to start piling in the frozen birds and side dishes for holiday feasting come November.

So, if your family is anything like mine, maybe now is a good time for you to inventory your freezers as well. See what items would be good to consume now to free up space and time down the road.

Have a wonderful week, and blessings to you and your homestead!
Hillary At Home

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  1. Thanks for those helpful tips. Keep them coming.
    Could write about your method for garage sales. Do you make a list? Do you just "go" and buy what brings a sparkle to your eye? I would love to read about your method for finding the deals on cameras, furniture, and the like.

    Thanks and God Bless