Monday, June 1, 2015

Our New Feathered Friends and My Sweet Deals-My Day in Pictures

Our new Khaki Campbell ducks:
Ping (Lighter color) and Lucky Duck.
Being the literary nerd that I am, I wanted to name them after two of my favorite childrens' books: The Story of Ping and Good Luck Duck.  The kids will each name one of the ducklings that we are hoping to bring home on Tuesday.

My new FREE farmhouse table that I scored on our local Buy-Sell-Trade board! It's in need of a refinish, so I can't wait to get to work on it! You can't tell by the pictures, but it is HEAVY! The top is really thick as are the legs. Definitely a good quality build worth refinishing.

I also scored a FREE rocking chair from a different posting.
Isn't it sweet? It's actually really comfy, too!
I just love the lines of the bottom rungs and the arm rests.

And last not least, here is how I started my day! I built and mounted our duck gate using Lil Bro's old crib end. He moved into his big boy bed just this week which was great timing for me :) Next year, when we re-build the run to accommodate chickens, we will anchor the posts with cement and paint them. For now, it's enough to keep ducks in and dogs (namely one particular beagle) out!
Add in one ballet recital, a quick trip to the carnival, and dropping Farmer Boy off for a campout, and you have one very full, very fun day! We won't talk about the very messy house that goes along with it all ;)

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