Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The title of today's entry is actually the title of an article that was the basis for the class I went to last night. The first portion of the class was on using temporary garage kits to build inexpensive, simple greenhouses. Assemble the kit, anchor it to a frame made out of 2x4's and staple low grade visqueen (lets more light in than the expensive stuff) all over it. It's preferable to frame in a screen door and a square where you could mount a box fan for ventilation. But other than that it's pretty straightforward. Then, save the canvas garage cover for winter time where you just slip it over the visqueen to protect it for another year! Cool eh? Now we have the perfect lot to construct this, but we'll only be here for one more year, so we won't be trying that experiment this summer.

However! The latter half of the class was about Rain Gutter Gardens. Here is the link to the article the presenter wrote for the local paper:
We are going to try one run of these this summer. By putting our greens in there, it gives us more room in our raised beds for the big stuff. I'll post pics when it goes up.

Have a great weekend, and I pray you're green thumb will be productive:)

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