Friday, May 13, 2011

A Centsible Tip-Did you get your Fred Meyer's Rebate Yet?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may have received your Fred Meyer's Rewards this week.  If so, I recommend either spending it right away or holding onto it for a couple of weeks. You're probably wondering why I would say this. Well, this week is the Founders' Day sale at the store and they are running great deals on a lot of household and grocery items. If there's something on sale that you were already planning to buy, then use your rebates and go for it. If not, then I recommend holding onto them until the end of this month when they have their big Memorial Day sale. If you view your rebates/coupons as money, then you'll understand that you will have much more purchasing power with those little bits of paper! 

In the fall, I hold onto my September rebate until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). I can get a lot more with that '20% off Women's Apparel' coupon when most of their women's clothing is already 40-60% off!  Usually there are additional bonus coupons for money off my total purchase as well.  While I'm not a very avid couponer, holding your store rebates/rewards for major sales is definitely worth the patience.  As with any cash or coupon,be sure to keep it in a designated spot that you'll remember so that when you go to use it, you can find it!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hillary At Home

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