Monday, July 25, 2011

HE#26-Hand Pollinating By A Wanna-be Green Thumb

I wanted to include cucumbers and tomatoes in the indoor portion of our garden this year. I am without a greenhouse, and it is so wet outside, that I figured the best option would be to place them in front of our large picture windows. Thankfully, we are blessed with an abundant amount of summer sunshine (when it occurs!).  The only question was about pollinating them. I knew I'd have to hand pollinate and didn't have any clue how to go about it.  Thankfully I was able to find that it is extremely simple!  I just watched the following youtube videos to explain it:



In a nutshell, you basically have to find a male cucumber flower and rub the middle parts all across the middle of a female flower. The above video will show you how to distinguish the genders.   Farmer Brent assures me that my odds of success are much better if I make kissing noises while painting the pollen on the female flower.  Bizarre homestead humor!

For tomatoes you gently shake the stalk or flick above the blossoms to release the pollen it has within. They are self pollinating, which means you don't need two separate flowers to make a fruit.

Could I do this?  Well, I did and I am, and (most importantly!) it seems to be working!! I have little "Bob and Larry's" growing in my sunroom! (All you VeggieTales fans know what I mean!)
Baby Cukes!  I can just taste the little pickles now!

Baby tomato!  Here in Alaska, this little baby is precious!
We have about another month of good growing up here before putting the garden to rest for the winter. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good harvest of fresh veggies before we all begin to hibernate.  And here's hoping that your garden is green, abundant, and overflowing with yummy goodness. :)

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