Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Almost That Time Of Year! (And My New Cloffice!)

Next week is 4th of July, so that means one of my favorite times of the year is almost upon us! Although school won't resume for most families for another month or two, back-to-school supplies will start hitting the shelves in about 10 days! Woo Hoo!

Yes, we homeschool, and we try to do some sort of schooling year 'round, but who says we can't be excited by 10 cent notebooks and fabulously decorated folders of puppies and Spiderman? I mean, what other 80's kid used to drool over Trapper Keepers?

Personally, I love it! Not only the cheap prices, but the demarcation of a new year and a new do-over. It's like January 1st in homeschool land! 

This is when I get to look over the past year and see how I can correct any oversights in the coming one. I can review my priorities for each child, and also review my spaces/materials/curriculum to make sure that I'm providing the best learning environment for my students. Aaand since our main curriculum choice of Heart of Dakota is based on Charlotte Mason teaching methods, it means I get to review, and shop for, fantastic literature!!

We have had a record-setting summer thus far in terms of sunny days and warm temps. In coastal Alaska, that means that you spend every possible moment outside; hiking, berry picking, gardening, sightseeing, home repair-ing, etc. I am grateful to say that the residents of Wildwood Cottage have done just that! And now we're exhausted.

So, I am thrilled to be spending this gray, rainy day here:

Cheesy name, but I love the functionality!

I am going to camp out in my new 'cloffice' and revel in spreadsheets, book lists, and homeschooling blogs until my eyes cross, or until 3 year old Little Brother needs to go potty. Did I mention that we're in the throes of potty training? Man, I forgot how much my productivity goes down during potty training...

I will post more about my curriculum plans, hopes, and dreams later, but in the meantime, I would LOVE any recommendations or links to your favorite homeschooling treasures!


Hillary At Home

**PS-Don't forget to think of Operation Christmas Child when you pass by those bins of crayons and notebooks! Those make fantastic shoebox gifts!**

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  1. I know, right???!!!! I feel butterflies of anticipation thinking of July 1st allotments! We are in desperate need of some supplies (how did we use ALL that glue last year??), and I've been restraining myself. It hurts! ;)

    I have a roll-top desk "office" that obviously needs a clever name! I'll have to post pictures soon. I'm sticking with Ambleside Online this year, and just trying to decide if we will continue with cursive or give up and try manuscript. I think it's just my ants-in-the-pants boy, and not the method...

    Did you see the link on my FB page for the Charlotte Mason book?