Saturday, November 7, 2015

Curtains, Markets, and Julie Andrews!

Do you remember that scene in The Sound of Music where Maria looks at the draperies in her bedroom and has that lightbulb moment? The next scene shows the Von Trapp children joyfully romping through Austria in play clothes made from those same green and white drapes.

Maybe I've watched that movie too many times... Wait, no. That's impossible. It's Julie Andrews for Heaven's sake! Regardless, inspiration can strike from anyhwere, and I'm having my own Maria-esque lightbulb moment here at the cottage.

This pile of Waverly fabric is really the collection of our old curtains that I had sewn for our last home (Berry Creek Lane). We no longer need them, and so we have a new plan to use them at next week's market. Stay tuned to see what lovely creations we create!

Hillary At Home

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