Friday, November 6, 2015

What's Bubbling On our Stove Today?

Cranberry Sauce! That's what! And the smell in my kitchen right now is heavenly! Cranberries simmering in a bath of fresh, organic orange juice with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. You can't get much more Autumnal than this! And to think that it's being ladled into these cute little jars that you can take home from the market next Saturday! (Then you'll be able to have the same heavenly fragrance fill your kitchen!)

We will have two versions of this lovely sauce available. There is a 'No Sugar Added' version that is sweetened with the organic orange juice and stevia (a treat for holiday feasts where guests may be eating Low Carb or diabetic), as well as a Paleo friendly 'Homestyle' version sweetened with the OJ as well as raw honey from the Pacific Northwest.  With its traditional deep red color, either one will be a striking side dish at your holiday dinner.

Come soon to get your jar before they're gone next Saturday. And don't forget, doors open at 10!

Hillary At Home

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