Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Belated Tribute to Resilient Mothers

This is just a quick little post; something I have been wanting to say since Mothers' Day, but have not had the time to mentally articulate and write it down until today. So, here it is, 2+ weeks late:

I want to tip my proverbial hat to all mothers, and ESPECIALLY those who I know that have had to fight to be mothers. The enemies in this battle are varied and fierce, but these women have overcome with their families and faith, not just in tact, but strengthened.
For some, the adversary has been infertility and/or infant loss, others long adoption processes. I have known those that almost lost their babes due to unjust custody battles, and some fighting debilitating or terminal illness to physically be mothers. I cannot tag these women in this post for their own privacy and integrity, but I truly salute you from the bottom of my grateful heart. I sincerely want you to know that you inspire and remind me to never take one day of this beautiful parenting journey for granted. 
And to ALL mothers, soldier on! Stay diligent, stay focused, and love your babies! :)

Hillary At Home

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