Saturday, July 2, 2016

A 'Septic Saga' Update!

Do you know what this is, dear Reader? This is PROGRESS!! That's right! As of this afternoon, the contractor was out here spray-painting the outline of our new drainfield-to-be, and depositing equipment!  Hurray and Hallelujah!

We are excited that our septic saga is drawing to a close. It has been filled with frustration and stress, but we have also seen gracious friends and our most gracious Lord provide for us:

*We have had countless prayer warriors hitting their knees for us, as well as taking the time to encourage us.

*We have been showering at an RV Park due to the ingenuity of a friend and the kindness of the park owner.

*We have been toggling between the two friends' homes for washing our clothes (we can dry at home) to minimize trips to the pricey laundromat.

*And most importantly, we are still here!  In spite of the overwhelming numbers and unrealistic deadlines being thrown at us, we are still here!  We haven't settled all legal matters yet, so I can't give exact details, but I will say that the Lord has worked many miracles on our undeserving behalf, and we are most grateful!

Thank you for any positive part that you may have played in this, whether you are a tangible contributor, or you have blessed us with loving thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. We are most grateful and will post our testimony of God's provision when we are officially done with paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Hillary At Home

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