Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 Christmas FREEbies for Kids!

Can you believe we're down to 3 days and counting??Yikes! Check out these goodies to keep your kiddos occupied while you finish your baking and wrapping.

The first one is a download from for a Veggie Tales MP3 musical audiobook of The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree. I can't believe they have this for free! It is so stinkin' cute. I actually found it the other night when I was looking for Christmas mp3's to keep the children occupied during the lunar eclipse. It runs about 30 minutes and has a good mix of witty dialogue and new songs. I LOVE the song "Jingle Jingle Jingle Ka-Ching" sung by Mr. Lunt, and there's even a song called "Puppy Love" sang by Ms. Acthema, the character from "Esther" that sings the "Puppies are lovely, puppies are cute..." song. (C'mon Moms, you know who I'm talking about!) Just because it's free does not mean the quality is at all sub-par. As with all VT productions, it's really entertaining and my kids LOVE it. If you're hitting the road for the holidays this year, be sure to bring this along!

The second freebie was passed along to me via the blog last Friday. It's for a website where you can decorate a virtual gingerbread house at Home Sweet Home. We also found that f you click on her blue 'Activities' button, there are more click and drag projects including dressing up various dolls and their houses, and making a robot. What a great site for teaching your children how to use a mouse-and it's FREE! :) :)

Helpful Hint: You can save your child's creation by hitting the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard, and then opening up the Paint program under the Start button/Accessories. Once open click 'Edit' and then 'Paste'. Voila, there's the image! Don't forget to save it. Then you can go into your favorite editing program (like Picasa) to crop off the menus and junk on the sides. Don't forget to re-save your changes.

(This is also how I print off coupons that come in email newsletters. That way I make my own printer-friendly version where I don't have to print off the whole email screen.)

Merry Christmas!
Hillary At Home

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